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Monthly... We give and share unconditional love to the less privileges irrespective of their religions, color of their skins and their locations.

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Safty Articles

Monthly... We write Articles, Journals and Text books that encourages the world to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

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Medical Support

Monthly... We give Medical Support to the less privileged; Victims of Physical, Mental and Spiritual health challenges.


The Bible

Monthly... LIGHT WORLD shares a huge number of Bibles to various individuals. Enabling believers and unbelievers who cannot afford it to own and be inspired by the word.



Monthly... We sponsor programs that transforms lives like organizing prayers, ministrations and deliverance to schools and other organizations.



Monthly...  We financially support the K-LOVE radio channel that transforms lives by  transmitting the gospel through out the United States.

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Daughters of Divine Love (DDL)

Monthly... We partner with this lovely Rev. Sister's Congregation by sending them money to take good care of the sick, poor and those that needs help the most.

American Red Cross

Monthly... We donate to the American Red Cross Society so they can help us extend our charity hands to the ends of the world.

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This is whom we are!